Why Do I Have Cellulite and What Can I do About It?

Some common (although unsavory) names include orange-peel skin, hail damage, cottage cheese, and even the mattress phenomenon. A few interesting facts about cellulite:

In 2009 a scale that ranks cellulite in three different grades was published. Grade one (mild) classifies the condition as an “orange peel” appearance with a slight sagging, accompanied by between one and four shallow depressions in the skin. Grade two (moderate) is classified by a “cottage cheese” appearance with moderate sagging, accompanied by five to nine medium-depth depressions in the skin. Grade three (severe) is classified by a “mattress” appearance, accompanied by severe sagging and ten or more deep depressions in the skin. The exact cause of cellulite has not been determined however, there seems to be a correlation with how the connective tissue below the skin (and above the fat) is arranged. You may have noticed that many men do not appear to have cellulite in their legs (darn them!) because their tissues are arranged in a criss-cross pattern, whereas the connective tissues in women are arranged in a vertical manner.

So, what is one to do? Fortunately, there is a minimally invasive treatment that you may not be aware of and that is called Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment that targets stubborn fat areas on the body. The process utilizes a series of injectables composed of naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, & plant extracts to rejuvenate skin and remove excess fat. Prescription medications can be added to the solution as well based on a case-by-case determination. By targeting the middle (mesoderm) layer of the skin, we can correct underlying issues like poor circulation & inflammation that create an unsightly appearance.

Mesotherapy is sometimes called "liquid lipo". These injections can be used on all parts of the body for targeting stubborn fat. This non-surgical procedure if perfect for those who find surgical options too invasive. With the use of minor injections and a special medication built of naturally occurring proteins and enzymes, unsightly fat will diminish. This easy simple treatment can be used to treat any area that contains

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