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Anyone who has ever tried to drop even a couple of pounds knows that weight loss is hard. There is good news, though. Working with a team of medical experts can support you on your way to your ideal weight, lessening the burden on your shoulders. At Doctors Best Health in Weston, Florida, Val Manocchio, MD, and his dedicated team have years of experience helping patients achieve their dream bodies. To learn more about their highly successful medical weight loss program, call Doctors Best Health or schedule your appointment online today.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

Why is weight loss so hard?

In order to drop pounds, you need to put your body into a caloric deficit. Once in this state, it burns your stored energy (i.e., fat). But getting there is challenging. It usually means restricting the calories you take in (eating) and increasing your caloric expenditure (exercise). While this is sustainable on your own for a time, yo-yo dieting is a common phrase because it’s extremely challenging to keep it up long term.

What is medical weight loss?

That’s where Dr. Manocchio and his friendly, knowledgeable team come in. As medical weight loss experts, they can put their wealth of resources behind you. Some facets of the medical weight loss program at Doctors Best Health include:

Comprehensive blood work and thyroid screening

Your body could be working against your weight loss journey. By performing a thorough evaluation of your overall health — including analyzing your thyroid, which controls your metabolism — Dr. Manocchio can determine if you have any imbalances that may be keeping you from weight loss. For example, a hormone imbalance could be impeding your weight loss goals. Balancing your body in those areas can make a significant difference in your weight loss results.

Health coaching and nutritional counseling

Your body is unique. Prescribing to one diet or another may not be what your unique physical makeup needs to release stored fat. Dr. Manocchio offers personalized health coaching and nutritional counseling so you can make the right choices for your specific body — and your weight loss goals.

Additionally, he offers total meal replacement protein supplements and specially-formulated meals to help you make good food choices. He can also offer vitamin, mineral, herbal, and glandular supplements depending on the needs of your specific body.

HCG injections

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is a hormone that has been shown to help your body burn fat while reducing your cravings.

Appetite suppressants

The challenge with so many diets is that they leave you feeling famished. Dr. Manocchio includes appetite suppressants in his medical weight loss program so you can go about your day unbothered by hunger pangs.

Fitness program

Exercise is a key component in losing excess weight. Dr. Manocchio will work with you to develop a fitness program that works for your unique body and supports your specific weight loss goals.


To help you feel strong and nourished during your weight loss program and to speed your weight loss results, Dr. Manocchio offers lipotropic injections, as well as B-12, B-complex, and amino acid injections.

Is medical weight loss right for me?

If you’re ready to lose the weight that’s holding you back, the medical weight loss program at Doctors Best Health is here to help. Dr. Manocchio and his team will walk with you through every step of the process, ensuring you have the support and education you need to get your dream body. Their program has succeeded for people who have tried countless different diets and weight loss methods with minimal results.

They also have experience managing adjustable gastric banding systems.

Ready to get started with medical weight loss? Call Doctors Best Health or book your appointment online.